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Hello dear editors and writers, we will tell you how to add articles to our DNA-X site in this article today. This article is not just for members of our site but for all WordPress authors. How to add text? What should we pay attention to when adding text? What is WordPress? I will tell you in detail under such headings.

WordPress is not as hard as it sounds. After reading and completing this post you will be a blog writer. You can publish your own text in a Google-friendly way by following the steps in the descriptive visuals. Adding WordPress Post is a very easy job.

1. We are Logging in to WordPress

First of all, we will log in to WordPress. We log in as below.

2. Adding Text From the Menu

Now we click on Articles> Add New from our menu on the left. The text inserting page will come up.

3. We’re Writing the Basis of Our Article

Now consider the items described in the following image in order.

  1. Here, we will determine the title of the article. The title must be understandable and clear. It should address people from every level and attract attention by people. Must be clickable.
  2. The content of the article is entered in this field. What we need to note in writing is the followings: first of all our writings must address everybody; we face millions of billions of people so it mustn’t be a closed expression, but a word that people can find themselves in it; it should be divided into paragraphs and should contain subtitles so that doesn’t have a boring appearance; we can support our writing with visuals and videos; we can attribute, advise and cite in our article; paying attention to spelling and orthographic rules is one of the factors that increases our reputation; when defining a title to our article, we should be attention grabbing and call to people at all levels; we have to grind out balanced writings in a chatting mood but without too much frivolousness; If we make the important places thick and in different colors, it becomes a more readable writing; each paragraph in our article which we separated into paragraphs shouldn’t be more than 300 words.
  3. This button allows us to insert a picture into our writing. Some things we should pay attention to when loading images here: The size of the image we upload should not be big, around 100 kb helps to speed up the site. It can also be of lower sizes. The visual is loaded as follows: After you press the Add Media button, the following screen will appear. We load and select the file. We succeed in the add button below. Then click on the “Add article” button below.                      Then the picture will be added to our writing, but this time our picture may have been    added in small size. To find the size that suits us best, we click on our visual and we      can click the edit button:                               After pressing the edit button, a panel opens to edit and resize our picture: From here we can choose the size of our picture and we present our readers at the       most appropriate size.
  4. This button shows the “Toolbar” of our writing, when setting the color of our writing, we can also find some “Word” properties here.
  5. To add a link “URL” to an article, select the post and press the add link button. When you add the URL, you can click on the link to reach the added site.
  6. This option appears if the Onesignal plug-in is installed. Our DNA-X site sends notifications from the browser when new text is posted to our users. Anyone who clicks on the red button under this notification will become a member. We must leave this box ticked if we want our members to be notified when our post is posted. Taking notice (becoming a member) will increase the readability of our writing.
  7. Multiple language extensions have been installed on our site so that it can be read all over the world. You can create the English version of your text with writing the English name of your text in blank space and clicking the + button.

Yes friends, we have layed the foundations of our writing, let’s move on to publishing it.

4. Get to Know the Publishing Tab

This tab is the section where we complete our writing and use it at the publishing stage. We can reach it from the right side.

Let’s get to know our buttons:

Save as draft button: Used to save without posting.

Preview Button: Allows you to see and control the preview before posting.

Immediate Release Button: Actually, this button is an immediately release button. We’ll do it by clicking “Edit” next to the “Publish now”. As soon as we write, we can schedule it instead of publishing immediately. Our site will be publishing our article at the time we have scheduled and when the ticker is ticked in the “OneSignal Notification”, the user will be notified when it is published.

We will launch the blue publish button to publish our article. Before you click on this button, you must take care that the category, tag, SEO and main image of writing is set!

5. Let’s Categorize our Article

On the Format tab, those who will add video must select the video instead of the standard.

We select our category from the “categories” section, choose 1. or 2. one. We should choose one of them preferably.

In the Tags section, we will enter the tags of our article here. So we will enter words related to our article. Also if we add the key words about our article in this part, readers can reach it easily when they search those keywords on Google. We can try it by searching on Google ourselves, we do that search and Google shows us the similar searchings to ours. Also if we add those keywords as tags, Google likes our article more. We should use commabetween those tags. At the end we click on add button.

6. Don’t forget to add visuals on your article

If we have video in our article, we paste it in the Featured video part. Of course it shouldn’t be forgotten to define format of the video.

It is so important that determining featured visual which is the main visual of article. After we determine this image, it will always be shown in home page and on notifications. When we add images in the article, they mustn’t be bigger than 100kb. There are free image sites about this point, you can use them. In this case, you can get help from your editor or administrator. As you add visuals, your visuals must be in harmony with the name of it. For example, if it has a sun in it, you can name it as sun.jpg. Also if we open those images on “Paint” and then save it as jpg format, we can reduce the size a tiny bit.

When we look at the seo part, seo means that qualities which can effect our ranking on sites like Google, Yandex, Bing and of course Yaani. The better the SEO, the more value Google gives you.

7. Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in other words your image on Google is so important. We have installed the Yoast SEO plugin for it, and this plugin helps us at the bottom of our article.

The heading we wrote at the beginning of the SEO Title creates the blue text above. We use it to organize the outcome of Google. We can add without deleting the purple texts or never touch.

The Meta description part is the black description part below the blue text. We should write here thinking that it is the first sentence that people find when they search on Google. If we do not enter meta description here, the first phrases of our spelling are automatically retrieved.

Focus Keyword, we write the main keywords here. So here we are entering the key-words or -sentences  we want them to show up. This key-word or- sentences should be shown up three or five times in our writing and this “key” must be in the first paragraph and first sentence. It is even better if this keyword is appeared in subheadings. We can set the subheading from the paragraph under the Add Media button. It is also important that the name of the main image we upload is this keyword.

In the analysis section, the SEO add-on advises us that fix here, fix there, but at the end our plug-in is finally making us a yellow, red or green appraisal, you can follow it from above the publish button in the publish tab. The SEO add-on finally offers the Readability section. In this section, we see suggestions and corrections for readers to read freely. Now the article is ready for publication.

Finally the SEO add-on finally offers the Readability section. In this section, we see suggestions and corrections for readers to read freely.

Now the article is ready for publication.

Yes friends, in this article we saw that how to create articles in SEO compatible, what should we pay attention to, what is WordPress Text Adding. Good luck!


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