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Hello friends,

Let me ask you : How can you memorize ? How can you have a strong memory ? I will explain some methods. We will see some scientific facts.You should read the text carefully. I think there was an understandable article. Contains information you can apply to your life. I will talk about the memory. Everybody’s talents are different.


Foundation of Memorizing : Repeat

Repeat is a basis of memorizing. Firstly, We should repeat as many as possible but the repeat should be effective. We should do it like this : First repeat should be long but next repeats should be shorter than the first one.

How to repeat this ?  For example, today we are going to repeat for half an hour. Tomorrow, we are going to repeat for 15 minutes. 1 week later,  for 5 minutes . 1 month later, for 1 minute. In 3 months, we are going to remember a title.


Memory and Order

After repeat, order comes. The most important order is the mental order. Second one is the physical order. Physical order is necessary for mental order. It is the reason of the distractibility and bad thoughts. The bad thoughts can fatigue your brain. If we focus on unnecessary things, we can’t use our brain efficiently.

How should be the room? The room shouldn’t be scattered. We should avoid distracting stuffs and pictures. For example; TV, computer and mobile phone. But I can’t know your own distracting stuffs. Everybody have different distracting stuffs. Discover yourself. You are going to know yourself better.

Mouth moves alerts our brain

Mouth moves help us to memorize. So, if we talk while we are memorizing , we memorize quickly and easy. If people around you can be disturbed, we can repeat quietly. But audible repeat is better than quiet repeat. Because audio is more effective to our brain and audio eases memorize.


Brain Health effects the Memory

The brain is part of us. Our brain uses the most of our oxygen and energy. To stay oxygenated we have to ventilate the room. Also balanced diet is important for our brain. We should avoid foods that containing heavy metals. Margarines contains aluminum. The aluminum is a heavy metal.

We shouldn’t eat snacks. Chips contains Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) . MSG is a delicious additive but it’s detrimental. We should eat organic foods. For example, fruits and vegetables. Figs and olives are very healthy fruits. There are some scientific studies on the subject. A fig per day is enough for most of our needs. Figs and olives contains fiber and filaments. Junk foods contains so many glucose. High sugar triggers a secretion for insulin hormone. Insulin lowers the sugar level in our blood. So the energy we have gets lower. So less energy gets to our brain.

But figs and olives contains so much fiber. The fiber is very healthy. We get sugar slowly and stable to our system because of the fiber. This is very useful for us. Olives contains omega-3 and omega-6. The omega-3 is very healthy. In addition, we should use olive oil in our salads. Olives and figs are healing deposits.


In addition, there was a scientific study I have attended at my university. We were investigating the effects of olive oil and figs on cancer in our medical faculty’s laboratories. In another study, we planed to investigate the influence of the fig plant on stem cells. You will understand that these plants are not only beneficial to our brains but also have protective effects on us. You can share your opinions about your own methods or you can comment in the comments section below. Thank you for reading my article 🙂


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